Nick Mancini, Founder and CEO of AdvisorClarity, was interviewed by FinTechTV while at the T3 Technology Conference for Financial Advisors in Denton, Texas. In this short video, he discusses how the AdvisorClairty business intelligence platform provides advisors with real data on their businesses, predictive analysis, and tools to mitigate the client's needs and behaviors. 
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The idea for AdvisorClarity was born when founder, Nick Mancini, noticed advisory firms weren’t getting the information needed to run their businesses frequently enough and they were spending way too much time tracking internal metrics and auditing their data. After consulting with noted industry leaders and trusted advisors, AdvisorClarity made its debut with selected advisory firms in 2017. Business leaders must know their business to be successful. AdvisorClarity gives leaders the metrics needed to run their business professionally and the insights needed to lead with confidence. AdvisorClarity provides a toolkit so firms can do more. Their proactive Pulse alerts eliminate the need to manually look for issues retroactively so firms will ultimately spend less time unwinding their fallout and spend more time on higher value activities. Regulatory and compliance requirements aren’t getting any easier. AdvisorClarity provides deep insights across all of the financial advisory firm’s systems, and proactively notifies key stakeholders when something isn’t right so that compliance and firm leaders can stay in front of potential issues. By visualizing details across different systems from different vendors, AdvisorClarity is the first provider bringing Big Data to independent financial advisors. To learn more, visit